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06 January 2013 @ 06:05 am
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unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.
12 December 2011 @ 11:56 pm
Episode 2 of the underwater menace has been found!!!
26 October 2010 @ 08:33 pm
Spoilers for SJACollapse )
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25 May 2009 @ 09:39 pm
Hello, I'm new here, but I was cheering myself up with a bit of shamelessly Ben/Polly fic and john_amend_all suggested I post it here, too. (Link goes to Teaspoon).

Title Five Times Polly Patched Up Ben (And One Time Ben Got To Do The Honours)
author lost_spook
Rating All ages
Characters Second Doctor, Ben Jackson, Polly, Jamie McCrimmon
Summary In which Ben gets injured by everything from Cybermen to TARDIS appliances. Luckily for him, Polly's always there to pick up the pieces. More or less, anyway.

Written to cheer myself up on a rainy morning during my hols, and because there's not nearly enough fic with Ben and Polly in it to make me happy.
01 May 2009 @ 11:53 pm
Your mod is a lazy, lazy mod, unfortunately, but what with the summer coming up I should be able to devote a little more time and attention to our lovely companions. :)

Now that we've had our rewatch, I think a bit of discussion is in order: If you could have just one Ben & Polly serial back, completely un-burninated and restored, which one would you choose? (Besides The War Machines, obviously, since that's already available to us in full audiovisual form.) Reasons as to why, sharing of personal preferences and favorite moments, etc., is highly encouraged.
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20 December 2008 @ 01:47 am
 I thought I'd just drop a recommendation for one of my favourite stories by Gary Merchant.

Second Chances

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12 December 2008 @ 01:26 pm
Hi everyone!

I need help. I want to do a love post on Ben over at http://community.livejournal.com/loves_them_all/ but I don't know much about him, so please can you help me?
Planet Earth is Blue
by brewsternorth
Written as a lot in the livelongnmarry auction for mscongeniality
Length: approximately 3500 words
Featuring: Polly post-Faceless Ones, the Eighth Doctor
Warnings: PG-13 for possible squick, angst, and crazy!Eight. Spoilers as far as S1, with some references to EDAs and NAs.
Summary: “I've been looking for answers. London seems to be providing them.” Eight meets Polly during the Earth arc.

( Fake cut to my journal )
24 November 2008 @ 11:15 am
I know the love post for The Faceless Ones isn't until this coming Sunday, but I just finished it/Ben&Polly's run. It was really good and now I'm sad, slightly spoilery comments, mostly on the end.Collapse )
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23 November 2008 @ 10:59 am
Alright, so here we are again with another love post, this time for The Macra Terror. I love this serial pretty hard, despite the fact that there is no surviving footage to speak of. It's a great story all around, and best of all, Ben goes EVIL and then gets to save the day!

And now on to my thoughtsCollapse )
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