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24 November 2008 @ 11:15 am
I know the love post for The Faceless Ones isn't until this coming Sunday, but I just finished it/Ben&Polly's run. It was really good and now I'm sad, not least because they were really only in about a third of the thing. =( So, the Doctor seems to have a slight history delegating people to be in relationships, considering the line "Ben can get to his ship and be an admiral, and Polly, you can look after Ben." I guess it's apt, though, since Polly is an instinctive caretaker. Though I don't necessarily see Ben picking right back up and going straight off to his ship. What I do see, however, and thank you burnination, is Ben and Polly holding hands and forlornly walking to the car after that whole staring back at Two and Jamie thing they did, and eventually the long silence as they sit in the back is broken by Ben emphatically announcing "I don't need looking after."

See, I told you I was sad.
Current Mood: slightly pathetic