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A fan community for Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, companions of the Doctor.
Welcome! This is a community devoted to Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, companions of the First and Second Doctor from 1966 to 1967. Because they are fab, that's why.

We welcome anything Ben and/or Polly related - fic, art, icons, meta, general discussion, picspams, the lot. And while we love us some Ben/Polly (this mod does, anyway), we're not exclusive - bring on your Ben/Jamie and Two/Polly and Polly/Dodo and whatever you like!

A few simple rules:

1. Be nice. Civil disagreement and discussion are welcome; bashing, flaming, trolling, and name-calling are not.

2. Keep it on-topic - posts here should be related to Ben and/or Polly in some way. Advertising/pimping of other communities or events should be on topic too - if it doesn't relate to Ben and Polly, please don't post it here.

3. Fic, more than three icons, art, lengthy meta/discussion, spoilers (we haven't all seen/heard every episode), and adult content must go behind an LJ-cut, or a fake cut if it's on your own journal. Adult content must be marked as such; the mod's not bothered if you use LJ's Adult Content flagging system or just a text warning above the cut, but unwarned adult content will be dishonorably discharged. If you're not sure how to do an LJ-cut, reading this might help.

4. Use your discretion re: locked content. If you think you might need to lock a post, lock the post.

5. Have fun! PM the mod if you have any further questions.

Want to affiliate with us? Leave a comment here with a link to your community.

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